Chicago in 150 Days!

I consider myself a fairly serious marathon runner I am always training for the next race, even if that training consists of recovering before starting to build up the base miles for my next big race.

I have enjoyed the recent recovery time since my last marathon in St. Louis on April 6 2014 (a full review will be posted on this site soon). But as the saying goes all good things must come to an end and this recovery time is joining that list.

150 days from today I will be stepping off for my 6th marathon in Chicago, IL. Growing up in Illinois, despite the fact that I lived over 300 miles from Chicago, I always had good feelings and memories in and about Chicago. And on October 12 I hope to add many more great memories to that list.

Chicago is well-known in the marathon world as a great race for a PR and my training plan will focus on getting just that. For 150 days I am going to work on crossing that finish line in as fast a time as possible. I want to be at the start in Grant Park (in the shadow of the John A Logan statue who is from my hometown of Murphysboro) knowing that I have done all that I can to prepare my self to perform my best.

In the next 4.5 months I am going to push harder and focus more than ever on my speed, endurance and health. That being said I am realistic that I will inevitably miss a training run or two and will have other commitments that will always come before running and I will not change those priorities despite my running goals.

What I do plan on doing is focusing more on my overall health, especially what I eat, as a large part of my training. Often times I have let my running become an excuse for poor eating habits but during this training period I want to use my running as an excuse for better eating habits. I am the first one to admit that one of my biggest vices is my love of soda. I drink to much of it and I am going to work on not allowing it to hold up progress that I could be making. This goal is made much easier because Bride is such a great cook.

In 150 days I hope to be crossing the finish line in under 4 hours (which averages to just over 9 minute miles the whole way). That is the goal I am using to track and plan my training. I know that it is ambitious but I am looking forward to the challenge, and the thrill of accomplishing it. Wish me luck!


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