Gettysburg Day Trip

Runner and I couldn’t resist traveling somewhere this holiday weekend. Gettysburg was a good choice because Runner has been wanting to visit there forever. Even his parents and Joey had made it there before him! He actually had a vintage base ball game there last summer, but I was sick and couldn’t go. Needless to say this was on our list.

The ninety minute drive up there was a breeze. We were concerned about Rolling Thunder traffic but no road closures impacted our departure. Confession: I’m a notorious carcoleptic and had a nice nap on the way. We arrived at the Museum and Visitors Center just in time to catch the 10:00am movie and cyclorama viewing.cycloview

The movie, narrated by none other than Morgan Freeman, was a brief overview of the Civil War and the battle at Gettysburg which lasted from July 1-3, 1863. The cyclorama is a circular oil painting, the largest in America, that was created by French artist Paul Philippoteaux in 1884. The painting depicts Pickett’s Charge. Unfortunately, we were a bit let down by the lights show and the lack of information about the work. Such a unique piece deserves a little more attention but it felt like they were just herding us through.

Next, we walked through the museum. My favorite sections were on medicine and the crude surgical tools. Then, we headed back to our car to take a drive through the battlefield. We followed the “Auto Tour.” The signs on the road were easy to follow and since Runner is basically a human GPS we had no trouble visiting all the highlights.

By far, the best stop of the day was “Shultz Woods” which is just a sign along West Confederate Ave. next to a wooded area with some plaques. More photos here. Made for a perfect photo op!


Thanks to the amazing weather, we continued our exploring and ventured out of the car a few times. There was an amazing view at Little Round Top.


Next was a visit to the Gettysburg National Cemetery, the site where Lincoln gave the Gettsyburg Address.

DSC00566Later in the afternoon we headed west of Gettysburg to visit two wineries: Hauser Estate Winery and Adams County Winery. What gorgeous scenery!


Hauser was unique because we got to do a hard cider tasting (for $1!). We ended up purchasing a 6-pack of Jack’s and a couple bottles of wine. Our final stop was to the Adidas store at the outlets. Holy savings!

How were your Memorial Day travels? Any good shopping deals?



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