Shoe Review: Nike Pegasus 29+

Shoes are a runner’s best friend, worst enemy, saving grace and sometimes even their only hope. I find myself constantly looking at shoes.  I currently already have my next pair of shoes picked out and ready to be broken in after my current set is retired yet I still am always looking at shoes, reading about them and thinking about which ones I want to use in the future.  That being said, currently I am finishing up a pair of Nike Pegasus 29+ and with over 340 miles on them I feel that I have a great sense of what they can do for a runner and what some of the draw backs are.

No one shoe will be perfect for every runner and it is tough for some runners to ever venture out of their shoe comfort zone once they find one that works.  My first shoe that I ran distance races in was a Nike Pegasus 28+.  I have since tried multiple other shoes but have come back to the Pegasus as my go to shoe for races.   A shoe must fit a person and I think that the Pegasus fits me, fits my running style and fits my needs.

My Second Set of Pegasus 29+

My Second Set of Pegasus 29+

Just most shoes there are some pro and some cons to the Pegasus shoe and to be fair I will list out, and explain some of each:


  1. The weight vs cushioning: I think that the constant battle with any shoe is the weight vs the cushioning.  Most runners want some cushioning beneath their feet, and many new shoe models have focused on this idea (Adidas’ Energy Boost has been leading the charge) and I believe that Pegasus has a great amount of cushioning without becoming an overweight shoe that can slow you down.  Given it is no minimalist shoe, and there are some that are lighter that are designed to have cushioning, the Pegasus strives to find the equilibrium that so many runners, including me, are looking for.
  2. The Stability Fit: This is a term completely of my own creation so I better explain it.  The Pegasus makes my foot feel stable when I wear it.  The shoe provides support to my ankle while not causing me to change my stride.  I have a light weight shoe (that I will be reviewing in the future) that I do many speed runs and shorter runs with that sits much lower on my foot, and while that shoe works fine for me during 5Ks and even 10K distances, I cannot run for hours with that low shoe on my foot.  My ankles need support during the hours that I am on the road during a marathon and the Pegasus gives me that support.
  3. Consistency: I have used two generations or Pegasus shoes now, and have tried the next generation (Pegasus 30+) briefly and I have found remarkable consistency with the model line.  Too often shoes are always trying to change their models to match what is the newest, and next form, but the Pegasus has stayed consistent and throughout its long history it has become one of the most consistent shoe models on the market today.


  1. Tight Upper Foot Fit: I have found that the Pegasus, more than the other shoes I have worn, has the tendency to be a little tight on the top of my foot.  I sometimes wear a shoe pocket for my apartment keys and must be careful not to tie my shoe tighter when that is on it because it can cause some undesired pain on my runs otherwise.
  2. The Stability Fit: This same idea is in the PROS section but can just as easily be a CON for many runners.  The Pegasus sits higher on the foot than many other shoe models (Adidas Boston 3, Asics Gel-Blur 33 are two models I have tried that sit lower).  This fit can cause discomfort for runners who desire a lower shoe that is more similar to those worn on the track.

Like I said before, these are my personal opinions about the Pegasus 29+ shoe and the whole line.  I hope that someone who is looking at new shoes will look at this review and feel more comfortable either going with Pegasus or feel comfortable removing it from the possibilities on their list.



3 thoughts on “Shoe Review: Nike Pegasus 29+

    • I probably spend more time than the average runner thinking about my shoes. I am constantly thinking about my next pair, and reading about the new styles that have come out and what the advantages and disadvantages of some styles are suppose to be, so do not feel like you should know as much as I do.

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