Illinois Trip


Pretty amazing sunset somewhere in Pennsylvania

Last Thursday night, Runner and I hit the road for Illinois. Since we left right after work we only made it to Ohio. Luckily we had plans to spend the night with our friend Caitlyn who’s pretty much the Andi Dorfman of Columbus ๐Ÿ˜‰

We hit the road the next morning and arrived in St. Louis around 4pm. In case you are wondering, the total distance of our journey was 814 miles and 13 hours on the road. Runner and I have been making this trip for over 7 years now, so it doesn’t phase us. We met up with the family for some outlet shopping. For the record, St. Louis Premium Outlets >> Taubman Prestige Outlets

On Saturday I got to experience lunch at Josephine’s Tea Room. Such a lovely place with yummy food. It was definitely catered to the “ladies who lunch” demographic. I’m going to wear a large hat the next time I go. And there will most certainly be a next time I go because of the dessert tray.


Dessert selection at Josephine’s


Shultz women (only by marriage!)

The main event took place on Sunday, MaryJo’s bridal shower. It was great to meet the other bridesmaids, as I will be a member of the bridal party when she walks down the aisle in July.

Meanwhile, the boys had their own fun at the Royals v. Yankees game and a day of golf.


City Museum, St. Louis

On my last day in St. Louis, we visited City Museum an amazing 10-story playground for all ages! Although, us “big kids” didn’t quite fit into all the tight spaces, lol. It was amazingly unique and so much fun. Does anyone know of another place out there like this one?? The picture can’t quite do it justice.




One thought on “Illinois Trip

  1. I love that outlet mall too!! There is another one down the road (I cannot believe that either), but this one is definitely awesome! Lauren and I went there in October and hopefully I’ll be able to visit her again soon and we can go again too ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, those desserts look amazing.. another place I’ll need to visit!

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