Bag Review: Adidas Energy Backpack

I recently realized that I needed a new bag to take to work.  Recently I have been having to carry a duffle bag back and forth every week with multiple workout outfits.  I would then have to take them home as they were used, usually in a plastic grocery bag.  This was not the most convenient, or the easiest way to bring my clothes back and forth. Adidas 3Knowing that, I began a search for one bag that I could bring to work that could carry my computer, my workout clothes.  Also important was the bag having the ability to keep them separate since so often my workout clothes smell after use and I often times have to take the bus or the metro to work and cannot just leave them in my car after wearing them. The first bag that I bought for this process was a red Adidas Energy Backpack. I did not find this bag at any sports apparel store but instead I found it at one of my favorite shops to find workout clothes…MARSHALLS!!!  It was a great find and I was so excited to find a bag that could possibly work for my needs. I tested this bag out the next week before I went to Illinois.  I found that although this bag is close to fitting all my needs there are some needs that I wish it had that would make it more useful for me. PROS:Adidas 2

  1. The straps and the build of the backpack made it easy to carry even when it is fully loaded
  2. There is a zipper pocket close to your back that can easily fit a pad of paper or folders
  3. There is a pocket specifically built for your computer
  4. There are side pockets for my phone charger and mouse

Red Adidas 1CONS:

  1. The computer pocket is in the same compartment that the clothes are kept
  2. There is not much room for other office supplies besides my computer
  3. All but the computer pockets are just generic pockets, not necessarily built to hold anything specific
  4. The pocket for the clothes shrinks a lot when the computer is in the computer pocket

OVERALL: I am impressed with this bag and as the cheapest bag that I tried it is a bargain for what it can do.  Although this bag’s size is impressive and it looks as if it can hold plenty of stuff but the way the pockets are set up, when you fill one it actually takes away space from the others, rather than having its own dedicated space. This bag is serviceable but I think that there are definitely better bags available.


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