My Most Unusual Long Run Ever!

Today I planned on continuing to follow my training plan leading up to the Chicago Marathon in 29 days.  I was really excited to say that this week was a shorter week for me, after a tough 18 miles last Saturday.  I was scheduled to run only 14 today but then I realized that I was also supposed to run a 5K this morning.  The “Race for Every Child” is put on by Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC and it raised over $1 Million for its foundation.  Since I wanted to do this 5K and I needed to finish my long run I came up with an unusual plan.

Thinking about how to best accomplish both of these I decided that I would run 9 miles before the 5K then run a couple of miles back to the car after the race.  So that is exactly what I did.  I woke up before 6am just to get downtown in time to put in the miles before I met the ophthalmology group before the race.  During those first early morning miles I felt GREAT, in fact it was the best that I have felt in a long time.  As I approached the meeting point for the 5K I was actually a little sad that I couldn’t just keep going.

I met the group and took about a 30 minute break before I started the 5K with one of Bride’s coworkers.  He ran slower than my normal pace so it was an easy 5K for me, but at the same time I was coming off such a great 9 miles I did wish that I could speed up and continue my great pace.  I did stay with the coworker and we finished with a respectable time just over 30 minutes.Race for Every Child Course Map

After the 5K we waited again for the rest of the team to finish and after a photo I started on my way for the last couple of miles before I finished.  The first half mile or so of this section was by far the hardest. My legs had tightened up and  my whole body had to get back into the running mode.  With that being said, I did get back into the groove and and was able to finish at the same quick pace that I had during my earlier 9 miles.

Overall this morning was the most unusual long run I have ever had.  This run was divided up into three obvious sections and included two long breaks where my body got tight and caused two uncomfortable starts.  With that said, breaking up my long run like this caused it to feel a lot quicker and easier than runs at these lengths have in the past.  I think that this formula is one that I will look for in the future, especially on my lighter weekends in the future.



One thought on “My Most Unusual Long Run Ever!

  1. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for the race (grad school interview!). Thanks for being such a good sport and hanging out with my co-workers.

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