Bride Returns with Exciting News

A few days ago I made a BIG decision – I’m going to train for a half marathon. I wish you were there to see Runner’s face! He was so so so happy. I woke up that morning and it just felt right. Yes, the years of peer pressure from Runner finally kicked in. But there were other factors at play:

1. I’m going to grad school. I’ve been MIA on the blog for a while now due to traveling for grad school interviews while completing a community college public speaking course. Now that the acceptances are coming in, this school thing is actually going to happen. I can’t reveal my school choice until 2015, so stay tuned! School starts at the end of May so my goal is to race before then.

2. I just recovered from a cold. Seriously, the simple joy of being able to breathe through both nostrils was exhilarating. But lets be real, I haven’t been working out either. I needed a goal.

3. Maybe I don’t hate running as much as I think I do? To be determined.

Now, how do I choose my race?


4 thoughts on “Bride Returns with Exciting News

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