The First Lesson of Running

Yesterday I told Runner that I finally understand when people say “running is all mental.” He laughed.

I know, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? Like most things in life, it’s easier when you tackle something with a positive attitude. I’m in my pre-training phase of this whole training for a half marathon thing. Turns out, I can actually force myself to run multiple days in a row — on a treadmill no less! I’m only four runs in, cue mocking laughter. But hey, that’s four more in one week then I’ve ever achieved.

This is my treadmill face

This is my treadmill face

I’ve never had much confidence in my ability to run. This stems from traumatic gym class experience which usually began with “go run a mile for time.” I remember my best time ever was 9mins 19sec and afterwards I felt like death.  I’ve also never run more than 3.5 miles at one time, and that’s being generous. I’ve only competed in a 5K (3.1 miles) and I can’t remember how much “extra” training I did. So the day I exceed that mile marker should be an exciting one. I’m currently running 2 miles for a time under 30 minutes. Each day I get a little faster. Baby steps, gotta boost morale before going all in.

Of course there will be highs and lows, so stay tuned! I’ll chalk this thought process up to being the result of the running newbie’s initial runner’s high. So leave it to BuzzFeed to have an article describing my journey: The 26 Stages of Taking Up Running. I would say I’m on step 13 – your next run is slightly less painful. Can’t wait for 14 – to get some new gear (*Christmas presents?).

In other news, I’m going to see Carbon Leaf tonight at The Birchmere in Alexandria. Runner got the tickets for me back in October for my birthday. I had to wait a while for the concert to come but I’m super stoked. I leave you with the song I have on repeat:


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