Choosing My First Half Marathon

After I made my announcement, it wasn’t long before Runner researched every race in America that I could possibly run in April and May. I was looking at this time frame because 4-5 months should be plenty of time to train and I wanted to do it before starting grad school.

In the running (pun intended) were:

La Jolla Half Marathon – La Jolla, CA – April 26

la jolla marathon

Absolutely gorgeous race and hello KIWANIS! I’ve never been to California and that alone would be amazing, however, with grad school starting soon, it just didn’t make financial sense. I give Runner credit for finding this race, it is perfect.

Pittsburgh Marathon – Pittsburgh, PA – May 3

Many positive reviews about this race are out there, almost swayed me – but the hills!

Flying Pig Marathon – Cincinnati, OH – May 3

Seemed like a long drive for a city I’m not excited about.

The St. Michaels Running Festival – St. Michaels, MD May 16

This was appealing at first because it seemed close and scenic on the waterfront. However, it would still be a 2 hour drive to get there, so a hotel would be needed. Also, I found a race video on youtube that showed the runners sharing the road with cars which made the whole thing less appealing.

And the winner is…

Delaware Marathon – Wilmington, DE – May 10


Something about this one is just so darn appealing. It’s not too far away and the date feels right. The logo is purple, so it’s meant to be. I’m a fan of their Facebook page and people are getting excited!


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