Training Begins

Half Marathon training is underway. This is actually happening people. 1 week down! I let Runner design a training plan for me, no questions asked. Actually, I was reading Runner’s world big book of marathon and half-marathon training and some stuff online – but why not use my personal trainer to my advantage? 🙂 He gets such a kick out of it.

The plan is tfirstruno run 4 times a week for 16 weeks. So far I’ve stuck to the schedule. Last week I ran 13 miles – holy cow. I even did my very first run outside in 40 degree weather and squeezed it in right before the Kiwanis meeting. I knew I had to follow the plan to the tee so that I wouldn’t bring about any bad karma straight off the bat.

Subsequent runs were done on the treadmill in the sweatbox that is our apartment’s gym. Do you think I could just bring in a personal fan? The good news is that I’m improving with each run. I get my running mojo from listening to this song on repeat to keep the energy up.

PS: Are you offended if I say that I’m training for a marathon? Runner gets upset. Obviously, if you know me, then you know I would never run 26 whole miles, and if you don’t know me – then I will happily clarify that I’m running a half (13 miles).


2 thoughts on “Training Begins

  1. Great job! I’m impressed– 4 days a week!! Hopefully you’re doing cross training too… my first half, i was running a lot and not doing too much else and I got injured. It was not fun, so don’t make the same mistakes 🙂

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