2014: A Look Back Before I Look Ahead

Well it is about time that I look back on my goals.  My 2015 training has started now but before looking ahead at my 2015 goals I need to take a moment to look back at my 2014 ones.  2014 was a great year for me.  I set goals at the beginning of the year that I knew would push me to be better.  The best part about setting these goals was that I succeeded in accomplishing the vast majority of them.  Although my regular days revolve around running and becoming a better endurance athlete I do have other passions and hobbies that my 2014 goals reflected.  These goals, listed below with a short recap, have allowed me to enter 2015 with higher hopes that I could have imagined just one year ago.

Finished my Best Race in Chicago in October of 2014!

Finished my Best Race in Chicago in October of 2014!

  • Run 1,000 Miles: Last year I accomplished this goal despite having to take multiple weeks off in the summer for a nagging IT band injury.  I have never ran this far in a single year and I felt that this goal is one that I know I will improve upon next year.  I ended the year with almost 1,100 miles.
  • Break a sun 4:30 Marathon: Entering 2014 my marathon PR was 5:02:32 (2012 Marine Corp Marathon).  I wanted to end the year by taking over one minute a mile off of that PR and get under 4:30.  My first chance was in April at the GO! St. Louis Marathon where I clocked a 4:32:42 marathon.  This was so much better than I could have hoped, especially considering the course was much more hilly than I prepared for.  That changed my goal to reach for a sub 4 hour full in Chicago in October.  I trained hard and got very close to my goal when I got a 4:06:42 time in Chicago.  I smashed my goal for 2014 and took almost an hour off of my PR in a single year.  I can’t wait to see what 2015 will hold!
  • Read 10,000 pages: As I said, I do have some other hobbies besides running.  One of the biggest of these is reading.  When the weather is bad/cold I take the bus to work on most days and this gives me a lot of time to read.  I unfortunately fell a little short of this goal (I had over 9,000 pages) but I felt like I gave it a good shot and read consistently throughout the year.

I am proud of the hard work that I put in this year towards my goals and although I didn’t reach all of them I know that the work I put in will pay dividends going forward.  My goals for 2015 will continue to push me to be better, practice harder and race better.  I cannot wait to see what this year holds!


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