Half Ironman Training: Weeks 1-2

2015 is bringing me a new challenge…triathlon!  Last year I signed up to complete my first Half Ironman race in June of this year.  My first two weeks of training are done and I decided that to help hold myself more accountable I am going to start updating my workouts on here every week.  My plan calls for 20 weeks of training before completing the Ironman Eagleman on June 14 in Cambridge, MD.

January 26:
January 27:
AM: 1600m Swim (with drills)
PM: 5.17 Mile Run (7:46 min/mile):40 minute Fartlek Run (with 6 30 second sprints throughout)
January 28:
PM: 35 Minute Stationary Bike Ride:12 miles
January 29:
AM: 6000m row:30 minute cross training at lunch.
PM: 2100m Swim (with drills): Focused on Endurance Speed
January 30:
AM:1800m Swim (LONG): 1,200 meters without stopping with a short warm-up and cool-down
January 31: INDOOR BRIC
AM: Hour Stationary Bike Session: went 20.6 miles
AM: 7.17 Mile Run (7:42 min/mile): 55 minute track run
February 1:
AM: 95 Minute Stationary Bike Ride: Went 40.4 miles

February 2:
AM: 1900m Swim (with drills)
PM: 5.33 Mile Run (7:32 minute/mile): 40 minute Fartlek run (with 8 30 second sprints throughout)
February 3:
February 4:
PM: Hour Stationary Bike Ride: 16.0 miles
February 5:
PM: 30 Minute Stationary Bike Ride: 8.70 miles
PM: 3.75 Mile Run (8:00 min/mile): 30 minute tempo run
February 6:
AM: 2100m Swim (with drills)
February 7:
AM: 1900m Swim (LONG): 1,500 meters without stopping with a short warm-up and cool-down
February 8: OUTDOOR BRIC!
AM: 90 Minute Bike Ride: 21.1 miles
AM: 4 Mile Slow Run (8:27 min/mile): Steady run after the ride.

Once the weather warms up I will do most of my bike rides in the mornings as part of my commute to work which will alleviate some of the long days that I now must have trying to fit in long indoor rides after work.  I have come to actually enjoy my morning swims and I can already tell they have helped a lot.

I must admit that although I have had some early mornings and some early nights during these first two weeks, I have really enjoyed myself.  I have pushed myself hard and have grown a lot in a short amount of time.  I have learned a lot about training, nutrition and hard work that I hope will allow me to become even better in the coming weeks.



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