Weekend Recap

Just wanted to share a slice of this past weekend with you. Our Saturday morning began with a 9am Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast. Our neighboring club, the Kiwanis Club of Fairfax – puts on this delicious and classic fundraiser as part of the City of Fairfax Chocolate Lover’s Festival. For $7 you get unlimited chocolate chip pancakes, sausage and coffee. What a yummy way to start the day. I ate as much as I could because my scheduled training run for the day was 6 miles!!


Yes, my training plan was written by hand. Don’t I have the best trainer? It’s old school, but I love crossing out the squares with a big red pen!

I spent my afternoon hitting the gym and then relaxing. Runner went for an indoor swim and then volunteered at the Virginia Polar Dip to benefit Camp Sunshine. No, he didn’t jump in frozen Lake Anne, he just collected donations. Our brave friend Nicole did the jumping!

That evening we joined some friends at Yard House in the new and improved Springfield Town Center. Visiting the old mall was a brand new experience for Runner and I – the last time we were there was summer 2013 to buy our wedding rings. The construction back then was such a mess. Turns out the major renovation was worth it!

On Sunday morning I woke up bright and early to teach a Safe Sitter course with members of my Kiwanis club. We taught a class of 14 students aged 11-13 the basics of baby sitting. I teach choking infant and child rescue. The kids really get a kick out of the mannequins.


At first they are “scared” (because of those faces!), but by the end of the course they are happy to have learned a life-saving skill. We order pizza for the kids at lunch time and their parents pick them up at 4pm. It’s a long day – how do teachers do it?!

Runner got to enjoy the great weather and bike outside (jealous!). We took it easy on Sunday night, after I ran my miles of course. I made some tasty cheeseburgers for dinner and that wrapped up the weekend.


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