Half Ironman Training Week 3

I must admit that this week I did neglect my cycling.  It is hard for me to cycle on the stationary bike for as long as I am supposed to bike for. I feel that it does not provide much benefit so instead I focused on doing a lot more strength training focused on cycling specific exercises.

As part of my Valentine’s Day gift Bride said that she was willing to run her first ever 10K with me on Saturday!  It was a cold morning but we were lucky because Sunday was much colder.  The course was based around the Reston National golf course and despite studying the elevation before the race I was surprised at how hilly it was.  Only one lane of the street was closed so the first mile included a lot of traffic and it slowed me down before I could pick up my pace after one and a half miles.  I finished with a decent time (52:35) but it was a little off of my goal of a sub-50 minute 10K.  You can read Bride’s recap of the race later this week.

February 9:
AM: 1600m Swim (with drills): “Swim Exercises for Triathletes” Exercise E-Speed 2
PM: 5.75 Mile Run (7:49 min/mile):45 minute Fartlek track run (with 8 30 second sprints throughout)
February 10:
February 11:
PM: 45 Minute Stationary Bike Ride:15.5 Miles
February 12:
PM: 2350m Swim (with drills): “Swim Workouts for Triathletes” Exercise Muscular Endurance (ME) 12
PM: 5.33 Mile Run (8:16 min/mile):45 minute track run at a constant pace
February 13:
February 14:
AM: “For the Love of It” 10K (52:35 8:28 min/mile): Ran with Bride to celebrate Valentine’s Day!
February 15:
AM: 2100m Swim: 1,500 meters without stopping with a short warm-up and cool-down
AM: 3.10 Mile Run (24:23, 7:52 min/mile):5K shake out run after the 10K the day before

Week 4 of training is supposed to be a lower volume week but I will make sure not to lower the swimming volume. I am going to work on adding more strength training to my routine, especially focusing on triathlon specific strength exercises.  I am looking forward to the warmer weather to allow me to get outside and train rather than having to do all of my workouts inside.



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