My First 10K


You guys, I ran a 10K… on Valentine’s Day. Runner* had been begging me to sign up for this race for some time. I kept saying it would be too cold. It wasn’t until the last day of registration that we finally pulled the trigger and registered – the Thursday before the race – knowing that it would be in the 20s!!! As Siri would say, “BRR.” Yes, crazy decision, but my training plan had me running the 6 miles on Saturday either way. This article, also gave me confidence in how to stay warm.

The night before the race we went shopping and stocked up on some winter weather gear. I bought some Under Armour athletic knee socks for $2.99 at TJ Maxx. The pink stripes really went with the theme of the day! One of my biggest fears was that the cold air would irriatate my lungs. Coincidentally enough, at Sports Authority I found an extremely discounted “wind scarf” section. It was really the packaging that caught my eye – Mona Lisa heads!



The scarves had been marked down from $19.99 to $1.99. I could see why – the designs really sucked. Runner helped me pick the best one, and in pictures it acutally doesn’t look half bad. The material was thin and elastic. It fit snugly around my head when I held it up to cover my mouth and nose. Breathing in warm air made me feel better – perhaps it was all mental – but I’m glad I wore it. Not sure when or if I’ll ever use this again, but I hope to see the product some day on Shark Tank.

Later that evening we exchanged Valentine’s Day presents. My Valentine’s Day gift to Runner was homemade “Runner” and “Bride” dry-fit shirts. We weren’t able to wear these on Saturday but hopefully, we will at another race in the future (half marathon, hint hint). I made these with iron-on decals from Michaels. I have some extra letters and really want to make a shirt with my name on it. Runner’s gift to me was an AWESOME purple iPod Shuffle. I’ve been using it for workouts and it is so light and easy to wear.

The race kicked off at 8 am, which meant we didn’t have to wake up much earlier than we normally do for work. For the Love of It 10K was put on for the first time this year by Potomac River Running. Knowing this, and the frigid temps, my biggest fear was that I’d come in last place. When we arrived at South Lakes High School, we were pleased to find out that registration was indoors! We picked up our race numbers, free t-shirt (long sleeve, women’s cut, cute logo) and commemorative pin.  We had plenty of time to use indoor restrooms and prepare.

At about 10 minutes ’til, we started heading outside to the street and the starting line. Runner and I separated – he was going for speed. I must say, the people in the back were friendly and entertaining. Thankfully, my layered clothing kept me comfortable. There was a moment when I first warmed up when I questioned weather I had overdressed. However, the hot flash passed soon enough. Luckily, the wind wasn’t much of a factor. Seriously, it could have been brutal, so I am very thankful for that. Having only run on the treadmill for most of my training, the hills were a bit much. I just decided to keep running. Each mile was marked, so as I passed, I would raise my arms arm and cheer for myself.


Major dork! But there were very few spectators – like 3 total – so I cheered for myself, lol. Another bonus of the race was free photography. Having paid some rediculous prices in the past for photos, this was a huge perk. The race ended with a partial lap around the high school track. My finish time was 1 hour 17 minutes. Doing a race on a holiday was quite fun and I’d like to do another sometime in the future. 16503476476_9282a7cc0a_o

*Every time I say Runner now I can only think of the Dad from the book Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. If you liked Gone Girl, I highly recommend it, it’s pretty twisted though – bordering on Chuck Palahniuk territory. It was a quick read that kept me guessing until the very end.


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