Pre-PA Recommended Reading

Since my acceptance to the PA Program at Southern Illinois University I’ve been trying to balance my excitement for starting studying with the enjoyment of having spare time. Most PA students that I’ve talked to just recommend taking your last few months pre-PA for rest and vacation. They say once school starts, you’ll be so overwhelmed by the material that nothing you “pre-studied” will matter. That hasn’t stopped me from trying. I will admit I’ve been looking through PANCE study books just to try and get a sense of what I’m about to embark on.

Every couple of weeks, our Program Advisor will send us send reminders and small tasks to prepare for admission. Most recently this has included a medical supply list and required textbooks ($$$$). One of the more fun lists is of optional “pleasure” reading before classes start this summer. Of course, with that email came a warning that we wouldn’t have any time to read anything fun once the program starts. I’d like to share this list with you and if you’ve read any of these books we can discuss in the comments.

Currently Reading

Books I’ve Read

Books Left to Read


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