Half Ironman Training: Week 4

For multiple reasons I think that Week 4 has been my best week so far of training.  The first reason is because is was my break week! The plan that I am following calls for a slower week every 4th week to help my body recover and frankly it allows my mind to recover as well.  This week I continued to focus most on my worst sport of the three…swimming. I made sure that I still got in plenty of time in the pool including going the farthest that I have ever gone in one workout on Sunday.  Throughout the whole week I maintained a focus on my form and correcting any flaws I found while not pushing too hard or too fast.

Week 5 starts the second mesocycle of my periodization training.  For the first 4 weeks I wanted to focus on building my base training, including mentally preparing for the workouts. In this mesocycle I will focus on adding mileage and more time doing BRIC workouts while also focusing on strength in my muscle movements that correspond with the three sports.

February 16:
AM: 2700m Swim (with drills): “Swim Exercises for Triathletes” Exercise E-Form 4
February 17:
February 18:
PM:45 Minute Spin Session: Focused on keeping my form and riding in the Aero position for periods throughout
PM: 20 Minute Interval Run (2.75 miles, 7:35 min/mile): Half mile warm-up followed by quarter mile intervals (fast/slow)
February 19:
PM: 30 Minute Stationary Bike Ride: 7.98 miles focused on pedaling at a consistent cadence at a high resistance.
February 20:
February 21:
AM: Hour Spin Session: Interval riding with minute long high resistance high cadence sessions in the aero position.
February 22:
AM: 2900 Swim (Drills): “Swim Exercise for Triathletes” Exercise E-Speed 11
AM: 3.10 Mile Run (23:40, 7:38 min/mile):5K tempo run focused on consistent speed throughout

I believe Week 5 will be the toughest week of training so far but I know that the training will be worth it on race day if I continue to push as hard as I can, follow my plan and remain focused on my goal. 109 days and counting!



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