My Second 10K

Back when I started this whole training for a half marathon thing, I hadn’t planned on running any formal races until the big day. Ha! Turns out running a timed race instead of doing a long training on your own is way more fun. Which was how I put a second 10K race under my belt, with a PR of 5 minutes. Yes, probably one of the only perks of being a newbie runner is seeing gains of that magnitude. The decision to run in the inaugural Alum Run did not come easily. Runner and I waited until the last chance to register because the weather forecast was looking bleak. Ultimately, we decided to do it. Here’s why:

  • Since we already ran in February, the freezing temps we practically the same conditions. At least they would be no worse. (Plus I could wear my snazzy Mona Lisa scarf.)
  • The run had been promoted heavily by the William & Mary Alumni Chapter because the founder of the race went there. I’ve still got that Tribe Pride! (Class of ’08)
  • Our friend Jarrod, who coordinates the SIU Alumni Chapter in DC, was also running! Runner is a Saluki and we’ll both be back in school there soon.

As you can see from the list, a big selling point was the college theme. Despite the low participation, the race did deliver the college spirit. Naturally, W&M had the biggest participation, with over 50 runners. I am sure the turn-out for next year will be even greater among all schools.


The race had both a 5K and a 10K. Unfortunately, the 10K runners started 30 minutes after the 5K runners at 9am. Normally I would appreciate the later start time, but since we carpooled with Jarrod who ran the 5K, we were stuck waiting in the cold for 30 extra minutes!

The course was a 5K loop that we went around twice (math!). I was absolutely dominated by the winner of the 10K who lapped me with his 6min/mile pace… but at least I got to see him finish!  I also got to see Runner twice as we passed by each other on opposite sides of the course.The race took us from Freedom Plaza to the National Mall to the Air & Space Museum and then Back to the Old Post Office. By my second lap, many more tourists were out, awkwardly trying to cross the street (just a little annoying).

At the end of the race, Runner was there waiting to take my picture. There was the standard bagel and banana available for the finishers. We also got medal in the shape of the number 1 with a bottle opener at the bottom. If it had been warmer, I would have been tempted to stay and watch the performance of The Gentlemen of the College, an acappella group from W&M, but at that point we were all ready to get warm! Since we registered late, we are still waiting on our t-shirts. I hope they will be mailed to us. I loved the concept of the race, and would recommend it to alumni from all schools to participate in next year.


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