Best of Charleston

Last month Runner and I headed south to Charleston, SC for a quick visit. Runner’s parents drove from Illinois out to the East Coast for their Spring Break. We were grateful to meet them down south for some warmer weather! This was our second visit to the Holy City. We visited for the first time Christmas 2013. The city is hailed as the #1 US City to visit and the #2 best city in the WORLD (#1 is Florence) according to Conde Nast.

While Runner and I are just not that impressed*, there are some sites that are worth visiting for:


Fort Sumpter – The fort is best known as the site upon which the shots that started the American Civil War were fired, at the Battle of Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. Make sure you plan carefully for this trip because you travel to the Fort by ferry which only leaves at certain times of the day. Fun fact: When we were on the ferry, Runner’s Mom noticed a strange cookie for sale called a Benne Wafer. Being the total foodie that I am, I immediately looked it up. They are super sweet sesame cookies. They sell for $4 for a bag (cheaper than at a gift shop) – try them!

Rainbow Row – The historic row of old townhouses, painted pretty colors. You could take a carriage ride to view these, or like us, just drive by.


Pineapple Fountain – I have a thing for pineapples, I love em! Visiting this fountain in Waterfront Park was right up my alley. Also, along the waterfront are porch swings looking out onto the river.

Charleston Tea Plantation – I would recommend this to anyone and everyone, unless you really hate tea or something. For a small admission fee you get to ride a trolley through the fields, taste several kinds of hot and iced tea, and walk through the factory. After taking the tour, you will truly appreciate the process of making tea and be amazed that the tea plantation is the only one in America. Plus, the gift shop also has a lot of good stuff.

Sesame Burgers and Beer – Runner found this place based on it’s good reviews on Trip Advisor. We went to the Mt. Pleasant location. Two words: Adult milkshakes! Actually, we went there looking to have the BEST onion rings as voted by the Charleston City Paper, however, they were way too thick for our liking. We split the South Carolina burger which stole the show with it’s homemade pimento cheese.


Angel Oak – The oldest tree on the East Coast. We found out about this at the Charleston Tea Plantation, which had a little handout with the direction to get to it. Only a short drive and totally worth it. This tree makes you want to hug a tree. Avoid the gift shop – too pricey – but it’s their only way of raising money so what are you gonna do?


Firefly Vodka Distillery – Unfortunately, we weren’t able to visit Firefly Vodka Distillery during this trip because they are closed on Sundays. But they have little tasting room with large shots, lets just say its a potent tasting.

*We are aware this may be considered controversial, but really, New Orleans, New York City, etc are much more exciting cities not to mention all the international destinations.


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