Chicago Marathon Training: Week 2

Although I pushed through the first week of training with long heavy miles I realized that my body wasn’t quite ready to push in with a lot of heavy miles weeks yet.  I know this will be a long training cycle and I need to focus on being the best that I can on October 11, rather than now.  With that mindset I backed off this week and just tried to focus on running consist speed and shorter runs.  I gave myself a break over the holiday weekend and cancelled my long run (scheduled to be 12 miles).  My legs were tired and just putting in those miles at this point in the training because my plan said so would not have helped.

I continued to focus on gaining speed, doing another great Fartlek workout this week, along with a few runs that had long stretches at Marathon pace.  I also started some cross-training with getting back on the bike during my off day on Friday.  I am looking forward to getting in the hard miles this week and getting in a few strength training and cross training sessions as my first period of training starts!


WEEK 2:Speed and Recovery
Monday June 29: 5 Mile run at Marathon Pace
Tuesday June 30: 6 Mile Step Fartlek Workout (10, 5, 3, 2, 1 minute sessions)
Wednesday July 1: 4 Mile Easy track run
Thursday July 2: 6 Mile easy run
Friday July 3: 18 Mile Cycling Ride
Saturday July 4: 4 Mile Freedom Run (Forest Park in St. Louis, MO)
Sunday July 5: OFF DAY!

This week I am going to focus on increasing mileage by doing more easy runs to allow my legs to build the endurance up.  I will also begin an intense focus on running specific strength, especially my hamstrings and core.



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