Chicago Marathon Training: Week 3

This week’s theme revolved around the heat! Most of the week included temperatures that included heat indexes into the 100s and lows still in the 80s.  I tried to run outside earlier in the morning (including getting in my 8 mile run on Thursday done before 7:30 in the morning) to minimize the heat.  I kept telling myself that even though the runs will not be as good in the heat they will help when the weather cools off but it is tough to get out there and suffer through the miles.

WEEK 3: Heat Acclamation & Strength Training Starts
Monday July 6: 7 Mile Easy Run
Tuesday July 7: 6 Mile Fartlek (Track Fartlek with Decreases Mile Times)
Wednesday July 8: Arms and Shoulder Strength Training Session
Thursday July 9: 8 Mile Run at Marathon Pace
Friday July 10: OFF DAY!
Saturday July 11: 13 Mile Run (Cut 1 mile off because of the hot and humid weather)
Sunday July 12: 5 Mile Track Run & Legs Strength Training Session
TOTAL MILES: 38.8 Miles

This week is supposed to see the extreme temperatures continue, which will continue to restrict many of my runs to remain inside. Luckily this week is scheduled to be my first rest week (happens every 4 weeks) so this week will include lower miles with some more strength training sessions.  My miles will be focused on easy miles maintaining good form while building endurance.



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