My Gear: 2014 Specialized Allez Road Bike

I will be honest, I didn’t really like my first bike.  The one that I did most of my triathlon training on was a heavy road bike that was not built to be ridden for the amount of time or the miles that I was riding it.  I stuck with it because I knew that if I was going to spend more on an upgrade I would have to first love riding and second know that I would continue to ride even after the triathlon.

During my training I came to the realization that I did enjoy cycling and I knew that I would continue to cycle after my triathlon.  (I eventually knew that I would do more future triathlons.) Knowing this I began to look at what my future bike would be.  I looked at all sites that I could get a bike from including Craigslist, physical stores, online retailers and everywhere in between.  I finally found a great price on an almost new Specialized Allez that I knew was too good to pass up.  Unfortunately I found this right before the triathlon so I was a little nervous using the bike in a race so soon after getting it but I knew it would be the best decision.

Specialized Bike Review 3

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Simply put…I love this bike.  It is lightweight, easy to maneuver and provides a much better ride than my previous bike.  I am not a competitive cyclist, and don’t expect to be anytime soon, but I wanted a bike that handled better, and rode easier than my other bike and this Specialized Allez accomplishes all of those.

Specialized Bike Review 1

The Bike is Set Up and Ready to go at the Eagleman Triathlon

One of my favorite features of the new bike is the Shimano Claris components.  I am not that knowledgable about the components and have made it a point to read more about them, but I will tell you this, these components do make the ride easier.  The best feature that I have found of these components are the brake handle shifters that are a part of them. These allow my hands to stay in place while I shift.  This improvement over my previous bike has added so much to not just my speed but to my comfort as well.

I am looking forward to putting in many more miles on this bike in the coming years.  I know that with some improvements (including Aerobars and a new seat post) this bike will become a great bike for me going forward for my future triathlons.



One thought on “My Gear: 2014 Specialized Allez Road Bike

  1. Good choice on the Allez! If you do add aerobars, look for a jammer style bar – they’re made for traditional road bikes like the Allez and shouldn’t stretch you out as much as a typical aerobar does. As always, fit is king, so making sure your position is dialed goes a long way to improve comfort and performance – especially where running “off the bike” is concerned.

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