Gear Review: Plantronics BackBeat FIT

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There are some things that all runners can relate too.  We all are constantly searching for the best shoe, the latest training routines and clothes that don’t chafe.  One thing that I have been searching for since I started running years ago is a pair of headphones that stay put and remain comfortable no matter if you are sprinting, doing a long Saturday run or going for a walk.  The Plantronics Backbeat Fit is the first headphones that I have found that checks all the necessary boxes for that perfect pair of headphones.

20150714_092424FIRST OPINION:
You can’t help but judge a product by the packaging.  When you first get a new item home it is always a great time opening it and getting to get your hands on it for the first time.  The packaging not only shows the product, but it also really shows how versatile the headphones are.  I loved the opening of the package that lets you see the headphones, how slick they look.  You are able to imagine how they will look on your head by just looking at them in the box.

Storage Case

Storage Case

Arm Case

Arm Case

After I took everything out of the box and read the instructions I was shocked to find a feature that I think could be the best feature I have ever seen with a set of headphones.  In the box there was a storage case that holds the headphones and the charging plug but looks can be deceiving.  This case can be flipped inside out and it becomes an arm band that holds your phone while you run! It could be that I love the simple things but how could I not love anytime that there is a practical and unexpected feature to a product.

I eagerly hit the streets with the headphones later in the afternoon and was shocked at what I felt…because I didn’t feel anything!  The headphones sat perfectly in my ears and didn’t interfere with my running at all.  The headphones didn’t fall out once, they didn’t itch, and they did not feel like my ear was so full that I could not even hear the music that was playing.

After the first or second run I was afraid that maybe I was missing something.  The headphones didn’t move at all during my runs and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke.  To test these as much as I could I made sure to wear them during all my runs, including my long run of 13 miles.  Total I ran over 40 miles with these headphones and through that whole time they performed perfectly.  They did not move at all, they did not cause any problems with me during my runs and they did not loose their signal at all.

With the Headphones After a RunThere are other aspects of bluetooth headphones besides their comfort and in every case these did not disappoint. I charged them fully before the first run and I never even received the low battery alert.   A long battery is vital because, to be honest, I would not want to charge them after each run. I also tested the call reception on the headphones and my friend who called was able to hear me clearly when I answered the call on the headphones.  Best of all was right when the call was over I immediately herd my music kick back on again.

I cannot recommend these headphones more.  They do not have an obvious faults that would cause any runner, or athlete any discomfort.  I am not someone who wears headphones often, usually because I have not found a pair that fit well.  Going forward, I will continue to wear these headphones and am looking forward to getting to wear them again.



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