Chicago Marathon Training: Week 4

This week was another scorcher.  I knew it would be from the start and tried to plan accordingly.  Luckily it was an off week for me so I did not have any long runs during the week.  Instead I did a lot of running on the indoor track at the Rec Center.  Wednesday afternoon I was sitting at home after completing all my work and the power went out.  I took that as a sign that I needed to get out so I went on an unplanned bike ride for an hour.  I knew that it would not hurt but since this was an off week for me I did not plan on doing any cross training.  On Saturday, during my long run, I knew that even if I started early it would get too hot for me so I ran as long as I could before getting too hot. After about 8 miles in the heat I ran to the rec center and finished the rest of my run on the track.  I didn’t like having to do that but it was really the only way that I would be able to get in the miles that I needed.

WEEK 4: Summer Running
Monday July 13: 4 Mile Easy Run
Tuesday July 14: 5 Mile Decreasing Fartlek (Miles Decreased in Time) & Core/Back Strength Session
Wednesday July 15: 1 Hour Bike Ride & Arms and Shoulder Strength Session
Thursday July 16: 5 Mile Easy Run
Friday July 17: OFF DAY!
Saturday July 18: 12 Mile Long & Slow Run
Sunday July 19: 5 Mile Track Run & Core Strength Session
TOTAL MILES: 31.1 Miles

This upcoming week will bring on more miles again.  I still plan on doing only 5 runs (instead of the 6 that my plan calls for) with hopefully two cross training sessions. I know that the weather will not cooperate so I will try to do most of my longer runs this week in the morning to try to get them done and over before the true heat of the day.  My long run on the weekend will probably be another split one between the gym and an outdoor run but we will see. With each run I am getting more excited for the race, which is only 81 days away!!!



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