Chicago Marathon Training: Week 5-6

The last couple of weeks have been tough.  I knew that I needed to add the weekly mileage to my legs to test out their strength and their endurance so I have used these last two weeks to do just that.  Although these runs have not been the best runs of my life, they have allowed me to feel very comfortable with where I am now.  Last year my 17 mile run did not happen until September 21 so I am almost two months ahead of schedule compared to last year.  Knowing that the next couple of weeks will see my focus change a little before going into my longest runs of the cycle at the end of the August.

WEEK 5: 
Monday July 20: 3 Mile 5K Tempo Run
Tuesday July 21: 8 Mile Easy run in the heat! Evening 30 minute core session
Wednesday July 22: OFF DAY!
Thursday July 23: 8 Mile Run with 6 miles at Marathon Pace. Evening Strength session focused on core and legs.
Friday July 24: OFF DAY!
Saturday July 25: 14 mile run that started outside but finished on the rec center track because of the heat.
Sunday July 26: 4 mile run followed by two baseball games
TOTAL MILES: 38.1 Miles

WEEK 6: 
Monday July 27: OFF DAY! (Holiday World Trip)
Tuesday July 28: 10K easy run.  30 minute strength session focused on core and stretching.
Wednesday July 29: 7 mile run in the heat with 4 miles at marathon pace.
Thursday July 30: 8 mile easy run outside with a 30 minute arms and shoulders strength session.
Friday July 31: OFF DAY!
Saturday August 1: 16 mile long run. Did a portion inside when it get too hot.
Sunday August 2: 4 mile recovery run.

As mentioned above, my focus will change for the next couple of weeks to build the required strength in my legs, core and upper body that is needed to go as far and as fast as I want to.  I will continue to build mileage but my longest runs are still to come in the future. It looks like the heat will not give in yet and will continue to cause my runs to be more stressful than they will be in the future when it cools down.

Lastly, I have a major challenge in the next 10 weeks until the race.  That challenge is LIFE!!! On August 19 I start last school and until then I have a work and a personal trip that will make it difficult to fit in all my workouts.  I will need to plan out my runs ahead of time and stay focused on what I need to do and not waste time when I have no time to waste.



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