Gear Review: Addaday Pro Massage Roller

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I have been searching for a good roller that I can use for a long time now.  I am constantly playing other sports outside of my regular training and I am regularly sore after these extra activities, as well as my regular soreness after running and training.  With the Addaday Pro Massage Roller I have found something that meets all those needs.

Addaday Pro Massage Roller Picture

With the roller you are able to hit every spot of your body to relieve pain and soreness.  I have not only been able to get some relief after my runs, but I have also been able to work on rolling before runs to help with any post workout soreness and pain.

I have really enjoyed getting to know about the technology and techniques involved in the Addaday Roller but I will not claim any expertise yet.  The Addaday website has a wonderful set of videos that help train you on how to best use the products.  You can find those videos here and throughout their site.

-Can reach a variety of spots and locations
-Easy to learn by using the Addaday videos
-Variety of rollers allow you to address a variety of sore areas
-Hard to pack because of size
-To take full advantage you must take time to learn how to properly use the product

I look forward to continuing to use this product and continuing to learn how to better use it.  It has worked well for me so far and I am confident that it will continue to improve my wellness and my recovery going forward. In fact, I am so impressed with this product, I am going to look at other Addaday products and how they too can better my recovery.


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