Gear Review: Zensah Thigh Sleeve

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I have tried a lot of products for running products.  Some are meant to help with my form, some help my speed, others build strength or endurance.  The final ones look to help my recovery, and it is with these recovery products that I have found that some greatly help while others seem to fall short of their claims.

Recently I reviewed the Addaday Pro Massage Roller and was very surprised at how much it helped me recover after long runs.  Unfortunately the Zensah Thigh Sleeve did not work as a recovery or a training tool.

I wore the sleeve during runs as well as after runs for recovery.  One of the most disappointing aspects of the product is that I feel that the comfort of the product held it back from me being able to properly feel its full potential.  During all the times that I wore it I found that it was very uncomfortable to wear.  The top band, the one with the name on it, seemed to always curl up on the top and cause some chaffing and rubbing on my leg.

Zensah Thigh Sleeve

Although this discomfort was most prominent during the runs, the same discomfort forced me to only wear it during recovery for a short period.  It also did not allow me to wear it if I was up and moving around.

I need to conclude with a very important message: I believe that this product is good, the discomfort just took away many positive aspects. If Zensah were to change the set up of the sleeve and remove the top rolling up when using it, I believe this product could work well.  When I did use it in recovery around the house, I do believe it aided me.  I still plan on using some of their other products and I hope to try out their updated thigh sleeve soon.