Tomorrow Begins the End!

Tomorrow I am leaving to head to Chicago for the weekend.  This trip will culminate 16 weeks of work and dedication towards one goal.  On Sunday I will be participating in my second Chicago marathon.  Before last year’s race I had done 6 previous marathons but in none of them did I feel as if I had given 100% into doing the best that I can.  After that race all I could do is smile and looking back at it one year later I still hold it to be the most accomplished I have ever felt while running.

I hope that the same feeling will greet me as I cross the finish line in Grant Park on Sunday but I cannot be 100% sure.  I have worked hard to get to where I am and I feel that I am ready for the race but it is so hard to estimate what your body will do when pushed as far as I will have to push it on Sunday.  I know that I am mentally ready for the race and that physically I am as ready as I ever will be, but on race day it is impossible to know how you are going to do.

The Chicago Marathon is one of my favorite races.  Not only is it so great to hear millions of people cheering and screaming for the 40,000+ runners but it is great to know that all the hard work, early mornings and long miles were worth it.  Although I started my year working on becoming a triathlete, I knew that I had to try to come back to Chicago and experience the race again.

The race is just a few days away now but I am going to try to appreciate and enjoy the experience of the race.