Gear Review: Rudy Rydon Glasses

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Rudy Rydon Glasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro ambassador, and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

Every runner, whether you run just one day a week or multiple times a day, knows that running takes more than just a pair of shoes.  There may not be many “required” purchases in order to hit the streets but there are many that will make that run easier, better and more enjoyable.

Rudy Rydon Sunglasses from Website

Rudy Rydon Sunglasses (taken from

I learned quickly after starting to run that one necessary piece of gear for me is a pair of quality sunglasses.  I learned that I have very sensitive eyes and will often wear glasses well into the late evening, after most people will take their glasses off.  Knowing this put extra emphasis for me to find not just a pair of sunglasses that successfully will block the sun from distracting me and blinding me on a run, but also a pair that is comfortable enough for me to wear longer and more often than most others will wear their sunglasses.

I am naturally skeptical when trying out another pair of sunglasses because I know that even a bad pair of sunglasses that wreak havoc on my runs.  I do not like running while having to squint in order to make sure I do not trip on the sidewalk.  I approached the Rudy Rydon glasses with this built up skepticism but also with a hopeful outlook that a such quality company would  produce a quality product.

I was not disappointed.  The Rudy Rydon glasses quickly become one of my favorite pieces of gear on my runs and rides.  The glasses are built out of very light materials so they do not feel heavy on your head, and their light weight allow them to sit softly on your nose without much bouncing up and down.  I have worn the glasses for many hours during runs and rides and have never had a problem with the comfort of the frames.  They have never rubbed poorly, or sit uncomfortably during any event. I have even worn them as regular glasses through the day and have not been disappointed.

Rudy Rydon Sunglasses

Wearing the Rudy Rydon Sunglasses

One of the best features, for any athlete, of the glasses is their lenses.  The lenses change colors depending on the level of light in the room.  This technology has been around for awhile but Rudy has risen the bar in its implementation.  I went on two runs in particular that showed to me the benefit of the lenses.  During one run I started running in the middle of the afternoon and during the run it got dark.  When I arrived back home I realized that I still had the lenses over my eyes but hadn’t noticed because of how effortlessly the lenses transitioned as the sun set.   The second run started in the morning when the sun had just gotten up, but during the run the clouds rolled in before a storm yet I was able to keep the glasses on throughout without any interruption.

Lastly, I believe that it should be mentioned that these glasses are versatile.  I used them predominantly for running but the weather allowed me to wear them on two bike rides of over an hour.  Many endurance athletes know Rudy from their cycling apparel and equipment before their running products.  These glasses fit into a category where they work for either.  On my bike rides the glasses were able to stay on throughout the whole ride, regardless of how light it was, the weather or the time of day. This capability of knowing that you won’t have to worry about taking your glasses off, or trying to look through them as it gets dark is a great quality that adds to an already great product.  As a triathlete, I could not ask for a better pair of sunglasses.

Overall Rudy has not disappointed with the Rudy Rydon sunglasses.  Although many people might not realize it, sunglasses can make your runs and your rides easier and better.  The Rudy glasses do just that.  They are a piece of equipment that I will be able to rely no matter the conditions, the duration or the type of activity I participate in going forward.



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