Running Through Law School

*This topic is in the forefront of my mind now because today is my first final of my first semester of law school.  I cannot help but look back on what has happened this semester but also look forward to what I will do differently next semester and what it has in store for me.*

In August I started the next chapter in my life.  I began law school at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.  The first year is usually seen as the hardest of the three years that you are in law school.  That difficulty comes from multiple features including having to learn a new way to read, interpret and write.   I knew these opinions going into the beginning of school in August and had to decide how I would approach the beginning of my studies.

Before the beginning of school I asked many friends who had went to law school, grad school and med school if they thought that I should continue my heavy running schedule.  The opinions were mixed but generally each said that you can continue to enjoy any hobbies that you have as you enter school but starting any new hobbies that take up significant time should be avoided at all cost.

Heeding this advice I felt comfortable continuing my scheduled training plan that had the goal of a PR at the Chicago Marathon.  That training plan did not go perfectly, and there were times when the studying had to realign the training plan but I was able to get in the requisite miles and completed a PR in early October.  The best lesson I have learned in this first semester is how to prioritize the training and the studying.  I learned that working out in the mornings work well with my studying schedule and fitting in extra group sports (playing outdoor soccer, flag football, and basketball this semester) allow me to get in second exercise sessions while not having to stress my legs as much as training miles.

Starting in the spring I am going to begin triathlon training for another spring/early summer triathlon.  This training will consist of similar workouts to my training plan for Eagleman that occurred in June.  I am going to focus on trying to get in swim sessions and strength sessions in the mornings before classes start.  This will allow many of the cardio sessions to be in the afternoons when it is warmer, but also will make it so I can focus on getting in as many swim sessions (my weakest of the three sports) before classes and studying has a chance to interrupt the schedule.  I feel confident that knowing what the law school demand includes I will be able to successfully execute my training plan to best succeed in my half triathlons this year.



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