2016 Resolutions

I always try to make an effort to make resolutions each year that are meant to not only help me plan out the year ahead but also help me push myself for bigger and better goals! Here are the resolutions that I have set for 2016, including some extra information about what the goal includes:

  1. PR at the half Ironman: After completing my first half Ironman in 2015 I am going to push myself further and hopefully set a great PR this year!
  2. Compete at USA Collegiate National Triathlon Championships in Clemson, SC: I am a member of the SIU Triathlon Team and I hope to represent them at the national competition in Clemson, SC in April
  3. Better Diet: I need to be more specific with this goal but I overall want to have a better diet that will revolve around planning out my meals better and keeping better track of my caloric intake each day.
  4. Keep A Journal: This includes not just journaling my training but also journaling my life.
  5. Read More: Since I have started law school I have not been taking time for myself to read the books that I want.  It is not the most fun to constantly read dense legal opinions and analysis and I hope that more personal reading will allow me to break from the monotony that legal reading provides.
  6. Get Faster: This has been a goal for the last few years and I have consistently been getting faster over the longer distances.  This year I want to push for a sub 20 minute 5K and a sub 6:00 mile.  These will be tough to achieve but focusing on my speed will help with all distances.
  7. Try One New Thing Every Month: This will hopefully allow me to find some new activities that I will enjoy.  Maybe some will even introduce me to a new challenge!

These resolutions are meant to not only keep me focused on what my goals are and allow me to maintain a balance between life, work and fun.  Knowing what I want to achieve will allow me to successfully work each day to get one step closer to that goal. Here’s to a successful 2016!



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