Training Week Review: Jan 4-Jan 10

Jan 4:
-Swim Session: 1K (200 yd sets; working on stroke length)
-Strength Training: Arms (45 minutes)

Jan 5:
-Run Session: 5K Consistent Pace (Total 24:10, 7:48 min/mi)

Jan 6:
-Swim Session: 1,650 yds (500 yds sets with a warm up and cool down)

Jan 7:
-Strength Training: Core (45 minutes)

Jan 8:
-BRIC Bike Session: 27.50 Miles (Hour Spin session)
-BRIC Run Session: 1 Mile (8:33 min/mi)

Jan 9: Indoor Sprint Triathlon Mirror Workout
-BRIC Bike Session: 12 Mi (23:52, 30.2 MPH)
-BRIC Run Session: 5K (23:20, 7:32 min/mi)

Jan 10:
-Strength Training: Shoulders & Core (50 minutes)

This week was the first week that I really focused on making sure I did multiple workouts geared towards triathlon.  Although I have not officially begun training for my next triathlon, (training officially begins January 18) I want to have a couple of weeks lead up to week 1.  My goals for this year will require many more heavy training weeks that will include many more laps in the pool and hours in the saddle and I know that just jumping into training would not be the most beneficial to me.

I really enjoyed my workout on Saturday.  I wanted to mirror a sprint triathlon including the swim but the winter break hours at the university rec center mean that the pool does not open until noon on Saturday so I had to settle for just the bike and the run.  I was very pleased with how I felt during and after the run.  Last year my run suffered and I think it was because I did not BRIC enough during my training so this cycle I am making a point to BRIC fairly frequently, even if it is just a mile or two after a ride.  This will hopefully pay big dividends on race day.




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