Gear Review: Wigwam Ironman® Flash Pro Sock

Taken from

Taken from

Christmas is always an exciting time.  No matter how old you get it is always exciting to get a gift.  That fact is especially true when you have a good suspicion that your gift is going to have something to do with either running or triathlons!  Bride knows that my two major hobbies involve a lot of gear, and I am always looking for what my next piece of gear will be so when I saw the two gifts under the tree I had a good idea that they both involved adding to my ever growing collection of gear.  And I was not wrong.

One of those gifts was a pair of Wigwam Ironman Flash Pro socks.  When a lay person lists out the gear that someone would need they to complete a road race or a triathlon they will most likely list socks, but they will gloss over the importance of them during a race.  I have had some pairs of socks that I bought thinking they would be perfect, just to have them end up adding to my misery after a few miles on the road.  I have also had socks that I have relied on for all of my long runs because of the additional support or cushion that they provide.

Low profile on the foot!

Low profile on the foot!

I have had the opportunity to wear these socks for a few runs so far and I am very impressed.  The socks are made of mostly nylon but have a warm smooth feel to them on your feet.  I would describe it as almost a wool feel.  They sit very low on your foot but do not slip down on your heel while running that could lead to some blisters forming on the back of your heel.  I have had socks that did that in the past and a mid run blister has led to some of my worst runs ever.  I could not ask for more of these socks and I am going to get more in the future.  The only downside, and it is a big one, is the price.  The socks regularly sell for $13 a pair on the Wigwam website so if you can find a deal on them they will be well work the price.  They are not my everyday sock (because I do not want to spend the money to but that many pairs) but they are one of my go to socks when I know that I do not want any distractions during my workout.

Highly recommended!



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