Training Week Review: Jan 18-Jan 24

Jan 18: BRIC
-Cycling Session: 1 Hour Spin (27.50 miles)
-Run Session: 2 Mile BRIC Run (Total: 15:23, 7:41 min/mi)

Jan 19:
-Strength Training: Shoulders & Upper Arms (45 minutes)

Jan 20:
-Run Session: Mile For Time (Total: 5:55, 1 Mile)
-Cross-Training: Rowing (Total: 2,500m, 11:48, 2:22 min/500m)
-Run Session: 5K (Total: 24:33, 7:55 min/mi)

Jan 21:
-Swim Session: 1,250yd (Total: 23:21, 1:52 min/100yd)
-Strength Training: Core & Stretching (50 minutes)

Jan 22:

Jan 23: Indoor Sprint Triathlon Mirror Workout
-Swim Session: 2,000 yd ladder session (Total: 38:08, 1:54 min/100yd)

Jan 24:
-Cycling Session: 3 hour indoor spin (Total: 46.98 mi, 15.7 mph)


This week was the first week that I focused on getting to the gym consistently and completing triathlon specific exercises.  Although my training has not officially started yet, I am completing my training schedule for the year and will begin to follow it officially at the beginning of February.  My primary focus this week was to have good strength training sessions that focused on triathlon specific strength.  I know that with more strength will come more endurance and times.

In the upcoming weeks I will begin to stress swim sessions more than I have been since the swim is not only my weakest discipline, but it is also the one that I believe I can improve the most on.  These sessions will stress endurance with long reps and high yardage in order to build a better performance in the upcoming races.  I will also focus my strength sessions on the muscles that best serve my swimming.



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