Training Review: Jan 25-Jan 31

Jan 25: 
-Run Session: 3.1 miles (25:59; 8:23 min/mi)

Jan 26:
-Strength Training: Legs/body weight (1 hour)

Jan 27:
-Run Session: 2 Mile Tempo Run (15:53; 7:57 min/mi)
-Strength Training: Arms, Shoulders & Core (1 hour 15 minutes)

Jan 28:
-Swim Session: 1,250 yds (Long Sets-500 yd; 24:08; 1:56 min/100yd)
-Run Session: Post School 4 mile Run (4.42 mi; 37:08, 8:24 min/mi)

Jan 29:

Jan 30: Indoor Sprint Triathlon Mirror Workout
-Cycling Session: 21.33 mile OUTSIDE ride! (1 hour 20 minutes; 15.5 mph)

Jan 31:
-Run Session: Mile PR (More on this later in the week!)
-Strength Training: Arms/Core (1 hour, 10 minutes)

This week overall was a pretty easy week.  I did not have any long sessions but instead focused on building power. Plus I got distracted by the unseasonably warm weather and had to workout outside a few days!  My Saturday ride was during the windiest part of the day and I tried a lot of leg exercises during the ride (a lot of one leg pedaling) to build up the necessary strength that I believe I am lacking in order to get faster and better.

This week I will hopefully put in some more long miles with some long rides and runs.  The training will begin to ramp up now leading into the height of my spring season.  So far my training is going well, but in the weeks to come it will become more structured as I go from the base phase into the race specific training.



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