Training Tuesday: Feb 1-Feb 7

Feb 1:

-Strength Training: Body Weight (45 minutes)

Feb 2:

-BRIC Cycling Session: 45 Minutes Spin (14 mi; 18.1 mph)
-BRIC Running Session: 5K Run (24:58 min; 8:04 min/mi)
-Strength Training: Legs (50 minutes)

Feb 3:
-Indoor Soccer and Basketball: 1 hour 15 minutes

Feb 4:
-Swim Session: 1,500 yds (Long Sets-700 yd with a short cool down; 28:22 min; 1:53 min/100yds)

Feb 5:
-Run Session: 5 mile run (40 min; 8 min/mi)

Feb 6: 
-Off Day

Feb 7:
-Off Day

This was my last easy week before my training really picks this week in preparation for my triathlons starting in April.  This weekend I was out of town to spend time with my brother and my family for his baby shower that took place on Sunday.  I planned on running while there but the weather did not hold up and I was not able to get any miles in.

This week I plan on ramping up my training in preparation for my April Olympic at the Collegiate National Triathlon and the two half Ironmans that I have this summer.  This training is all about building a great base for me to use for increasing my endurance and strength in order to not only complete the full in October, but to also perform well.



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