Swim, Bike, Run

Hello from 2017! Just checking in with some updates.

Runner encouraged me to try my first “tri.” It was a matter of good timing and a moderate fitness level. Since August I have been swimming with the Saluki Masters. I also dabble in indoor cycling and light jogging. Oh, and for Christmas I got a Garmin (#fitspo). So, on January 22, I participated in “Tri the Hub” which is an indoor triathlon held in Marion. It was 10 minutes of swimming laps, 20 minutes on the indoor bike, and 15 minutes running on an indoor track.

I was most pumped for the swim and felt strongest in the water. Once the women hit the bikes, it got a little scary … I just don’t pedal that fast!! And then there was the run where I took a slow and steady approach, got lapped by a few, but felt proud for running the whole time.

Look who got second place in her age group:



I have to say that I was super nervous before the whole thing started. I didn’t really know what to expect with all the gear, the transitions, etc… but I’m glad I did it and would be willing to try it again.

Since then I have been working on improving my running. (Remember that time I ran a half marathon?) Sticking to shorter mileage but working on speed. Thanks to my Garmin Vivofit3 I can document my progress:


I’ve decided that “Sunday is run day” so I hope to continue my 5K streak throughout March. I also plan to swim competitively in a meet in April. Runner got me cycle shoes for Valentine’s (so romantic!) but I’m still learning how to clip in and out. #goals

In the meantime I’ll be wrapping up PA school (I graduate THIS August) woot!

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