Halloween Costumes for Runners

Halloween is fast approaching. I’ve scoured the web for the most hilarious running themed costumes this year.

Running Forrest Gump Costume

Running Forrest Gump $59.99

Runny Nose $34.99, How do you see through that thing?!

Adult Pair of Sneaker's Costume

Two costumes for the price of one, Pair of Sneakers $49.99

118118 Male Runner Costume  - Medium

And if you’ve never run a day in your life, you can purchase the “Male Runner Costume” which consists of the t-shirt and shorts for $17.22.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year?


Visit Lex

Waiting just a bit longer for work to start. Last weekend, I decided it was time to take a trip! I set out East on I-64 toward Lexington, KY for a visit with a BFF from high school. I was so happy that two months ago she moved a bit closer to me for a job at the University of Kentucky.

On our first night together we ate at Palmers Fresh Grill. We started with calamari with peanut sauce. The fried banana peppers added a tangy twist. The dish paired well with my light beer, Cougar Bait, ordered mostly for the name. For my main dish I ordered the toothsome Oriental Mahi (is that term still PC?). Since I spent five long hours in the car, with a one hour time change, it was refreshing to be able to sit on the outside patio.

On Friday morning we took our time waking up. We set out on an hour long scenic trip to Maker’s Mark in the town of Loretto. The drive was certainly worth the visit to the beautiful distillery grounds decked in Chihuly art. (This is my first time looking up the artist… he wears an EYE PATCH.)

Our tour guide was enthusiastic, the tour was thorough, and the tasting was worth the wait.img_2910.jpg

After lunch at the on-site restaurant we headed back toward Lex. We tried visiting Four Roses but arrived 10 minutes before closing. This gave us only enough time to see the gift shop.

Later that evening we went downtown to meet with friends to play the escape room game “Mystery Mansion” at Breakout Lexington. Our party was made up of all first time players. The 60 minutes went by quickly. We broke out with about 6 minutes to spare. Our host said, “Wow. you guys were hard on yourselves.” We cheered ourselves back up with pizza and beer in a trendy outdoor spot.

The next day, we woke up a bit earlier to attend a lecture at the UK campus. I also got to tour some of the grounds. Our next stop was the downtown farmer’s market. Luckily, parking was just a few blocks away in an ideal spot where we could leave the car for the day. Pumpkins and squash of all kinds were abundant and peaked our appetite. We decided to have brunch at the nearby Village Idiot. Afterwards, we walked over the Mary Todd Lincoln house. Our tour guide, Tom, was a true Southern gentleman and very knowledgeable about the history and furnishings. He said he got to meet Sally Field when she was preparing for the 2012 movie, Lincoln.

Our next stop was the boutique shop Bella Rose. It was fun to browse but the clothing was wayyy out of our price range. Then it was time for something we could afford, ice cream. We went to Graeter’s where I ordered the mocha chip. It was quiet in town by this point since UK was playing a home football game. Our evening ended at El Rancho Tapatio. The Enchiladas Verde were tasty and served with sliced avocado on top.

This was my second time visiting Lexington. It was so fun to do a girls trip and there was plenty to keep us busy. Hopefully, I’ll be back because there is still more to explore.



A Time of Change

In the endurance sports routine, there is not often where you can immediately feel how a few days affect your athletic life for the foreseeable future.  Starting last Thursday and going through this Sunday is one of those periods!

Last week I made a decision that I will appreciate, hate, enjoy and regret between now and April.  I decided to register for Ironman Texas on April 28!

When I suffered my injury last September I was just weeks away from completing Ironman Louisville and have not felt comfortable signing up for another race until now. I always knew I would sign up for another race but I wanted to wait until I felt like I was prepared to do so, and I know that time is now!

One main reason why I know I am prepared for my Ironman journey to begin again is because for the last four months I have been training for the 40th Chicago Marathon this Sunday!  Although my training has not been my best, and I am definitely not aiming for a PR at the race, I know I am back and will be able to continue to build my strength through April.  When I cross that finish line on Sunday in Millenium Park I will complete one giant step towards my recovery.  The training has shown me how important a continuous training cycle is to race performance.

The training has shown me how important a continuous training cycle is for performance.  I have been continuously working towards this initial goal since my physical therapy started soon after my injury.  That training, even if it was just for recovery set up the base that I have continued to build on.  I know that going into my Ironman training this base will allow me to face the 140.6 miles in April with confidence.