Top 3 Running Memories

In honor of National Running Day, I’d like to share my top 3 running memories:

1. Not only was the Walt Disney World Marathon in 2012 Runner’s first marathon, it was the same day we got engaged. After 26.2 miles to think about it, Runner¬†popped the question as we walked by the Disney castle. His original plan was to do it at the finish line… but no dice! The fences kept me from running up to him, and by the time we reunited at the port-a-potties the timing was just not right. More on the marathon proposal here.


2. My sister, the opera singer, was giving her senior recital the weekend of the Boston Marathon in 2013. Upon Runner’s request we stayed until Monday to watch the big race. We even dragged my Mom and brother with us to the expo! The whole city was buzzing, with energy for the race. We even tracked down the one bar that was serving the special Sam Adams marathon brew. On Monday, our hotel was out in the suburbs so we decided not to go all the way back into the city that morning. We watched the very first runners pass through at the infamous Heartbreak Hill in Newton, MA. The crowds were so positive and the weather was amazing. We headed out of town shortly, only to hear the horrible news about the bombings on our drive back to DC.


3. The New York City Marathon in 2013 was a race of epic proportions.¬† Runner was entered in the race as a Guide with Achilles International. We had a great time checking out the expo – I even made a “big head” poster of Runner (as seen here). My friend Tanya and I waited patiently at mile 14 for Runner and Rick to come by. The race app kept us at ease because it gave real time updates on where Runner was. It was a blast cheering for anyone who had their name on their shirt.

Achilles IMG_1810